Credit Courses in Public Policy

The modules currently offered under our credit courses on public policy are Economics & Public Policy; Law & Public Policy; Media & Public Policy among others.

Our foray into academic practice, through the crafting and delivery of elective seminar courses on public policy and its linkages with various disciplines of study, such as law, business, economics, and media. The seminar courses are crafted to be distinct from traditional learning modules, with cognizance of international trends in policy training, as well as a diverse faculty comprising equally of academicians and practitioners. Designed as a 40 hours module featuring sessions built around a central thematic, the format of our seminar courses purposefully challenges the conventions of a didactic lecture and incorporates participatory elements and working group activities. Our credit courses can be offered at undergraduate or post-graduate level.

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We currently offer the following modules:

Law and Public Policy (LPP)

Our flagship seminar course on the intersection of legal practice, economic principles and policy making, is a unique learning module designed specifically for students pursuing legal studies.

Business and Public Policy (BPP)

An interdisciplinary course with the goal toward understanding the interconnection between business and public policy through the application of economics, management, and public policy.

Media and Public Policy (MPP)

A module aimed at equipping students with conceptual frameworks for policy assessment in the domain of media, and exploring the relationship between media, government, business, and advocacy and special interest groups.

Economics and Public Policy (EPP)

This module is designed to develop students' ability to use economic concepts to analyze and evaluate the effects of public policy building on familiar concepts of microeconomic theory, and providing a variety of policy applications.

Advanced Public Policy (APP)

Explores the growing field of policy-making and analysis. Focusing on institutions, instruments, and actors, the course offers an in-depth exploration of policy-analysis methods, tools, as well as perspectives on policy framing.

Past Programs

National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata | February 2015

”By raising a myriad of thought provoking views that I wasn't aware of, I've been encouraged to look deeper into problems of public policy. The reason I joined this course was to see whether my interest would be piqued in public policy and it definitely has.”

~ Anonymous

National Law School of India University, Bangalore | January 2016

”The pedagogy and the literature were the best aspect of this course. Pedagogy because it truly followed the Socratic method, thereby allowing each of us to contribute to the entire learning experience. And the literature, not necessarily because all of it was agreeable, but because it introduced us to an alternative set of reasoning to explain market and societal phenomena and an approach to solve society’s problems. It has definitely contributed to me refining and rethinking the way I look at public issues and has broadened my knowledge base to reason well.”

~ Aditya Patel

St Xavier's College, Mumbai | July 2015

“I really liked how the course built up on several concepts and enabled me to recognise different viewpoints—the 'threading' together of concepts from public choice theory to spontaneous order to a free market enterprise were really appreciated.”

~ Tushar Gidwani

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