Afifah Siddiqui

Junior Associate, Programs

"Bagh-e-Bahisht Se Mujhe Hukam-e-Safar Diya Tha Kyun, Kaar-e-Jahan Daraz Hai, Ab Mera Intizar Kar."

Afifah, a graduate in Sociology from Miranda House and a Young India Fellow, is an ardent believer of these words by Allama Iqbal and always looks for ways in which she can make them come true for her. Guided by this, during college she was actively involved in the social entrepreneurship cell – Enactus – where she witnessed the wonders of helping people empower themselves. She believes that ideas can make all the difference in the world and this is what brings her to CCS.

She also loves all kinds of Art, ranging from music to movies to indigenous handicrafts, and you can always count on her to be relishing either of these on good days and bad.