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J P Narayan
Founder, Lok Satta Party
All of you at CCS are doing a great job of inspiring young Indians and equipping them with basic tools of analysis and problem solving. I am always there to support you in anyway I can.
Bhuvana Anand
Governance and Public Policy Specialist
I am one of the first graduates of CCS' youth engagement programs. My experience has been incredible, given that I've gone from a student to being faculty now. policy is tremendously relevant for students. When I was in university, the pervasiveness of engagement was low, there were geographic limitations and very few people who wanted to debate ideas.
Amir Ullah Khan
Development and Trade Economist
My experience with CCS Academy has been wonderful. I have been associated with CCS for close to 20 years. They play an important role in terms of understanding what civil society means, and in understanding what the power of civil society is. In a mature economy, policy making is something very few people understand. Their ìpolicy course addresses the demand issues in policy – which is key in democratic government.