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Testimonials And Past Programs

National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata | 2019-12-31

”By raising a myriad of thought provoking views that I wasn't aware of, I've been encouraged to look deeper into problems of public policy. The reason I joined this course was to see whether my interest would be piqued in public policy and it definitely has.”

~ Anonymous
National Law School of India University, Bangalore | January 2016

”The pedagogy and the literature were the best aspect of this course. Pedagogy because it truly followed the Socratic method, thereby allowing each of us to contribute to the entire learning experience. And the literature, not necessarily because all of it was agreeable, but because it introduced us to an alternative set of reasoning to explain market and societal phenomena and an approach to solve society’s problems. It has definitely contributed to me refining and rethinking the way I look at public issues and has broadened my knowledge base to reason well.”

~ Aditya Patel
St Xavier's College, Mumbai | July 2015

“I really liked how the course built up on several concepts and enabled me to recognise different viewpoints—the 'threading' together of concepts from public choice theory to spontaneous order to a free market enterprise were really appreciated.”

~ Tushar Gidwani
Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Petroleum University, Gandhinagar | February 2016

“The best aspect of the course according to me was the diversity and range of issues covered. All the discussions were conducted in-depth and from various perspectives.”

~ Avni Gupta
National Law School of India University, Bangalore | August, 2017

The practical knowledge and information this course introduced me to and the analysis of public policy going beyond the black letter of the law was a great tool to evaluate policy prescriptions going forward. Though I would have liked more focus on research methodologies, I enjoyed that our faculty comprised of people who had experience researching and teaching in different fields, and those who are actively engaged in policy-making. The classes were discussion and not lecture-oriented, which made them engaging.

~ Aivan Raj
Vedica Scholars Programme for Women | October, 2017

The course gave me the opportunity to understand what hurdles and challenges I will have to face in operating a firm. From telling us about the provisions governing businesses under the New Companies Act, to exploring why some sectors have flourished and others have not, the course was an eye-opener for me. I will definitely want to read more about competition and its impact on expanding consumer choice. I look forward to engaging with CCS on future projects, as working in public policy is a passion for me!

~ Sonali Mishra
National Law School of India University, Bangalore | August, 2017

The importance ascribed to data driven and evidence-based policy-making was refreshing. The use of scientific method in understanding social sciences in order to evaluate varying course of action was the best aspect of the course. I appreciate that when arguments in favour of particular points were raised on the basis of evidence rather than purely value-based considerations. Most notably, in lectures by Mr. Ashwin Mahesh and Mr. Shubho Roy. The course was much more discursive than most classes on law; emphasis on empirical nature of the course and a healthy mix of theory and practice based inputs made it different from regular classes.

~ Satyashoova Sahu
National Law School of India University, Bangalore | August, 2017

The mixture of economics, law and politics that most classes had has been very different from the rest of my study at NLS. While we have studied things in each field, their integration has been very useful in giving insight. This course was concerned with developing a rational understanding of a wide variety of areas and focused on bringing out the meaning or incentives created by law. The course highlighted the gaps that exist in my knowledge, from behavioral economics to rule of law.

~ Suranjan Shukla
Vedica Scholars Programme for Women | October, 2017

The fact that the course allowed us to speak our minds and raise questions, and clarify our confusions at each step was a new experience. I have never participated this much in a course, and it gave me the confidence to out forth my understanding and build a strong case by looking at evidence. The presence of a course facilitator to guide us in between lectures was great!

~ Banani Acharya