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Colloquium on Liberalism in India




19 August -

09:00 am -06:00 pm


Exclusively for CCS Alumni - this is a two-day residential program and forum for in-depth discussion. The theme is Liberalism in India

The Colloquium is open ONLY to alumni of CCS programs (ipolicy, LSS, ISPP, credit courses in public policy, Researching Reality Internship) who are recent college graduates or working professionals. Candidates must also fulfill AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Have their own organization or initiative in the policy space
  2. Have helped with CCS work - connecting us to relevant people or organisations, or serving as faculty for our programs
  3. Currently working in a field that will allow them to further liberal ideas with multiplier effect (eg: media, academia, policy, law)
  4. Currently pursuing or planning to pursue higher studies in a relevant field, are applying or part of a relevant fellowship
  5. Have written on issues/liberal ideas, on their own or for our blog,
  6. Have contributed significantly and directly to CCS work in advocacy and research