Jatin Garg

Senior Associate, Online Programs, Academy

Jatin Garg holds a Masters in Law (specialization in International Trade Law) from National Law University, Jodhpur. He completed his undergraduate studies with Honours in Law from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab. Prior to joining CCS, he was working with Alexis Foundation and was the Founding Director of Certificate Courses on Research Methodology and Public Accountability. He has authored two books namely, The Accountable Citizen and Playing with Regionalism and published numerous Research Papers in peer-reviewed journals and books. His areas of specialization are Law, Public Policy and Governance Studies. Jatin has attended Clean World Conference and Leader's Academy in Estonia and International Youth Forums in Russia and Mauritius. Jatin is a CCS Alumni from 2010 iPolicy and was a participant in Markets and Morality Conference, Law and Liberty Conference, Liberty and Society Seminar and Asia Liberty Forum. Jatin is a frugal traveler and a backpacker with an interest in Web developing and Social Media Campaigning. He loves Research & Writing in the areas of Public Policy, Law and Liberty.